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cuzjkrsaidso's Journal

Because JKR Said So
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Who We Are:

A group of amused R/Hr and H/G shippers that needed a place to mock and rant in peace over the vast amounts of ridiculous sludge coming out of certain communities.

What We Do:

We mock. We rant. We bitch. We eat babies in our spare time. Apparently, we also drool on ourselves quite a bit.

Where The Name Came From:

According to certain shippers, we are apparently unable to carry out coherant, intelligent conversations without resorting to netspeak. We encourage this belief.

Add to that quotes from the master herself.

"Harry and Hermione are very platonic friends. But I won't answer for anyone else. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink." - J.K. Rowling

Question: "Is it just me, or was something going on between Ron and Hermione during the last half of Goblet of Fire?"
J.K. Rowling: "Yes, something's going on, but Ron doesn't realize it yet. Typical boy..."

Katie Couric: "Any snogging with Hermione?"
J.K. Rowling: "Harry and Hermione! Do you think so?"
Katie Couric: "No, I'm just kidding."
J.K. Rowling: "Ron and Hermione, I should say. There's more tension there."

JKR: I will say, that yes, I personally feel - well it's going to be clear once people have read book six. I mean, that’s it. It’s done, isn’t it? We know. Yes, we do now know that it's Ron and Hermione. I do feel that I have dropped heavy -

[All crack up]

JKR: - hints. ANVIL-sized, actually, hints, prior to this point. I certainly think even if subtle clues hadn't been picked up by the end of “Azkaban,” that by the time we hit Krum in Goblet...

JKR: ...because the plan was, which I really hope I fulfilled, is that the reader, like Harry, would gradually discover Ginny as pretty much the ideal girl for Harry.

Can I be just like you when I grow up?

Perhaps, if you are lucky. This community is closed, with automatic locked posts. In order to join you must comment at this post, and provide the name of two current members that will vouch for you. The people who vouch for you must have already been a member of this community for two months. The people you list will also need to reply, letting us know that you are indeed a part of the drooling masses. If you are accepted, one of the Head Baby Eaters will reply to your comment with a link to your invite. Please join the community there, and don't forget to friend it so it shows on your friends list. Please do not click the "join community" link on the profile page. You must follow the above procedure to be considered for membership.

That's just too much work!

Well, too bad. We like being a super secret society of droolers and baby eaters, and if you can't handle that, we suggest you find another community that allows trolls.

Ok, Ok. I'm in. What am I allowed to post?

Mock. Rant. Bitch. Vent. Name names. We honestly don't care what you post. But please, if you plan on eating any babies, bring your own condiment of choice.

Head Baby Eaters, AKA The Bitches In Charge: